I have always been drawn to them. The way they wind through towns, behind homes and across fields. Their constant movement forward. The whistle, lonesome and yearning. How the light between the trees and the gentle rocking of the train lulls you into a dream-state. Memories come and go, and for a fleeting moment–as the world rushes by outside–I feel as though every town I pass through and every landscape I perceive is a place that I belong.

A Palette of Rust and Dreams is a vignette of a train journey as seen through the eyes of a traveler. Since 2015 I have been making photographs and audio recordings to document the people and communities touched by the railroad, first in North Carolina and later throughout the American South. These photographs and audio recordings depict travelers and railroad workers bearing witness to a world and landscape both ephemeral and historic. –Karen Healy 

“I want to go out in the world, you know, I’m at that age, I’m searching for something in life and I’m going to keep looking until I find it, whatever it may be. I just want to find someplace that I know I can be me.” –Nick 2016