Karen Healy is a documentary photographer and artist based in North Carolina. She has a Certificate in Documentary Arts from the Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University and a B.A. in Communication Studies from the University of Massachusetts. 

A Palette of Rust and Dreams is an ongoing project that has expanded from North Carolina to the American South. Through portraiture and environmental landscapes this work explores quiet moments that illuminate the human aspects and poetry of train travel. This work includes still photographs and audio recordings.


Ella Fountain Pratt Emerging Artists Grant, Durham Arts Council, 2019

Oxford American, The By and By, 2018    https://www.oxfordamerican.org/item/1654-rust-and-dreams

Bit and Grain, 2016


Critical Mass Finalist, 2019

Solo Exhibitions:

Durham Arts Council, Durham, NC, 2018

Imperial Centre for Arts and Sciences, Rocky Mount, NC, 2018

Goldenbelt Studios, Durham, NC, 2016

Permanent Exhibition:

Selected images at Raleigh Union Station, Raleigh, NC